3 Aug – Workshop ‘Drieluik’ – Deel 1: In het moment spelen

7 Aug – Workshop ‘Drieluik – Deel 2: Publieks-immersie

14 Aug – Workshop ‘Drieluik’ – Deel 3: Improvisatie binnen gezette teksten

17/18th of Aug – Workshop (ENG) – Shakespeare intensive (experience needed)

25th of Aug – Workshop (ENG) theatre 1.O.1

28th of Aug – mini-workshop (ENG) – Intro to Shakespeare

18th of Sept – Rehearsal Start of Park Avenue Theatre.

21/22nd of Sept – possible date of second Shakespeare intensive

1st/2nd of Oct – Much Ado About Othello. Nijmeegse Shakespeare Festival – Honigcomplex 

15/16/17th of May – All’s Well That Ends Well – Amsterdam.

Informatie over de workshops vind u hier

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